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A Neutec CoolSafe 100-9 PRO Superior XS Freeze Dryer Research Freeze Dryer Neutec Benchtop Freeze Dryer NEW
A NEUTEC CoolSafe 95-15 PRO Superior XL Freeze Dryer NEUTEC Freeze Dryer Research Benchtop Freeze Dryer NEW
A Neutec Freeze Dryer New Benchtop Freeze Dryer 80 Liter Freeze Dryers NEW Inquire with what you need - we will put together a proposal
A Virtis Genesis 25 ES FREEZE DRYER Virtis 25ES Virtis Freeze Dryer with stoppering Virtis 25 liter capacity Virtis Lypholizer 25SQ unit excellent condition incoming
FTS Flexi-Dry compact freeze-dryer
FTS SYSTEMS DURA-TOP MP FREEZE DRYER KINETICS DURA-TOP MP FREEZE DRYER Microprocessor Control Bulk Tray Freeze Dryer Kinetics TDICOT5000 FTS SYSTEMS TDICOT5000 used Freeze Dryer nice
Hull 24 sq.ft. 40 liter Freeze Dryer Model Lyolab Controls
HULL FREEZE DRYER 96 sq.ft. Hull Vacuum Freeze Dryer,Sanitary, S/S- Heresite, used
Kinetics Thermal Systems Dura-Dry MP Freeze Dryer DURA-DRY MP Microprocessor Control Corrosion Resistant Freeze Dryer Bulk Freeze Dryer used nice with very nice looking vacuum pump Dura-Dry Model TDICOT5000
Labconco Freeze Dryer Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry Systems, Labconco Console Models, Labconco 7751020 Labconco 4.5 L Freeze Dryer Labconco Stainless Exterior Freeze Dryer used nice
Labconco Freezone 4.5 Freezedryer with Proper Sized Vacuum Pump Direct Drive and new tubing
Labconco Freezone 4.5 Freezer Dry System with Edwards RV-5 Vacuum Pump Labconco 7750000 Freeze Dryer Labconco Benchtop Freeze Dryer used ships tested and working with VACUUM PUMP and hose
Labconco FreeZone Labconco 77590 Freeze Dry System with Stoppering, 12 liter
Labconco Freezone Stoppering Free Drying System consisting of the following components-: 1/each Labconco FreeZone 12 Liter Freeze Dryer Labconco 77540-00 with large Rebuilt Vacuum Pump 1/each Labconco FreeZone 12 Liter Freeze Dryer Labconco 77590-00 Sto
Labconco Shell Freezer Labconco 77570 Freezer Labconco Bench Top Shell Freezer 77570
Labconco Triad Stoppering Tabletop Freeze Dryer Labconco 7400040 Freeze Dryer used Fisher Scientific 10-030-170 with Vacuum Pump
Lyolab G Freeze Dryer Shelf Unit - $1500 USD
TharSFC A Waters Company Supercritical Fluid Bulk Delivery CO2 System model TharSFC BDS500G Thar SFC Model BDS500G sn: 3782,used looks great!ks great!
Virtis 12LL Freeze Dryer Virtis CONSOL 12LL Freeze Dryer Virtis Shelf Freeze Dryer with Vacuum Pump
Virtis 12SL Freezemobile Virtis 12SL Freeze Dryer used refurbished Virtis 12 SL Freeze Dryer Virtis Freeze Dryer
Virtis 25EL Freeze Dryer Virtis Manifold Freeze Dryer Virtis 25-EL Freeze Dryer
Virtis 25EL Freeze Dryer with Virtis Unitop1000L Shelf Freeze Dryer Virtis Shelf Freeze Dryer used with vacuum pump to -80C
Virtis 25LL Freeze Dryer Virtis CONSOL 25LL Freeze Dryer Virtis Shelf Freeze Dryer with Vacuum Pump
VIRTIS 2K Tabletop Freeze Dryer VIRTIS 2KBTES-55 SHELF Virtis Stoppering
Virtis 35EL Freezemobile Virtis 35EL Freeze Dryer used refurbished
Virtis 4K Freeze Dryer with Pump Virtis Benchtop 4K Freeze Dryer with manidfold used very nice
Virtis 5L Freeze Dryer with Manifold Virtis Freeze Dryer 5L Virtis 5L Benchtop Freeze Dryer Virtis Benchtop Freeze Dryer with Manifold and with built in Vacuum Pump, system is absolutely beautiful and looks very light used, ships with vacuum pump,cools, h
Virtis Advantage XL BenchtopVirtis Freeze Dryer Benchtop Freeze Dryer USED
Virtis Benchtop 3.3 Vacu Freeze Dryer Model BT 3.3 ES Virtis 379199 Virtis Benchtop Freeze Dryer with Manifold and Vacuum Pump used nice
Virtis Benchtop 4K Freeze Dryer Virtis 408226 Virtis ZL Model Virtis Model 4BT4K2L-105 Virtis 408226 Virtis 4BT4K2L-105 used nice
Virtis Genesis 25 EL Freeze Dryer
VirTis Genesis SQ EL Virtis SQ Virtis EL Virtis PILOT 25L Pilot Lyophilizer used with Vacuum Pump
Virtis ULTRA 35XL FREEZE DRYER Virtis 35XL Virtis Freeze Dryer ULTRA 35XL with stoppering with 10 SHELVES Virtis 35 liter capacity Virtis Lypholizer ULTRA 35XL Virtis 35 XL Virtis ULTRA 35 XL unit excellent condition incoming
VIRTIS ULTRA Virtis 50L ULTRA Freeze Dryer Virtis Freeze Dryer Virtis 10 shelf freeze dryer Virtis ULTRA Freeze Dryer Virtis Production Freeze Dryer Virtis Stoppering Freeze Dryer Virtis Shelf Freeze Dryer used [ -55C to -65C], 10 shelves at 15 SQ. FT. with shelves and stoppering available now-includes good vacuum pump and good refrigeration system and good vacuum tubing
Yamato Freeze Dryer DC401 NEW
Yamato Freeze Dryer DC41A NEW


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